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“Your Kingdom Come” – Our hope and Expectation

                                                                           We all went to the polls this week to right the wrongs done in the land, as Christians […]

Gospel Dividends for Future Generations – The Value of Our Church’s Standards

Thinking about a certain young person of the congregation who recently recited the entire First Catechism in only two settings gave me cause to encourage all of us to be so diligent.  This piece is an adaptation of an introduction recently written for another member of the congregation who has labored incessantly to make these […]

Masks! To Wear or Not to Wear? That is the Question!

Masks!  To Wear or Not to Wear? That is the Question!  Christians Recognize that Civil Authority has an Obligation to Protect Life (Rm 13:1-7) Acceptance of citizenship, law and order, peacekeeping authority, and even speed limits and seat belt laws are all evidence that most citizens recognize the God ordained responsibility of government to protect […]

How do you prepare for the Lord’s Supper?

How do you prepare for the Lord’s Supper?   Listen to Instruction From God’s Word Learn from the Example of Others When God descended on Mt. Sinai, He told the Israelites to take three days to prepare themselves for His arrival (Ex. 19:10).  When Paul wrote the church at Corinth about partaking of the Lord’s Supper, he addressed the […]

This One’s For the Kids – Mr. Box Turtle Magnifies God

Several of you have observed Mr. Box Turtle skulking around the church building for some time now looking for a free meal.  However, finding Mr. Box at the church door this morning was a nice surprise.  If you are interested, watch the short video about it >>> The Sky, Mr. Box, Flowers, and Water Drops, […]

Advice On Following A Crowd

Wisely Discern and Differentiate A man was treated unjustly by the very authority charged to keep him safe and as all the world now knows, he lost his life instead.  The man I’m speaking of here is Jesus Christ.  There were no after-action mobs protesting His death.  No pillaging, looting, plundering, or burning government or […]

A Time for Fasting and Prayer – April 4th, 2020

The Congregations of the Midwest Presbytery are called to A Solemn Day of Fasting and Prayer The Midwest Presbytery is calling on her congregations to consider a day for prayer and fasting on Saturday April 4, 2020, for the purpose of seeking God’s help and mercy during this time of pestilence in our land.  “In […]

Building the Church Jesus’ Way

Until Jesus returns the church is a construction site, not the finished project.  Building Jesus’ Church by Confessing Christ In Matthew 16:18 Jesus said, “I will build My church” and the last 2000 years of history clearly demonstrate Jesus’ powerful resolve and ability to build His church.  The context of Jesus’ statement in Matthew 16 […]