Our church is part of the Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America.

The Reformed in our name refers to our adherence to the biblical principles set down by the Protestant Reformation of the 16th Century. Our spiritual fathers include Martin Luther, John Calvin, and John Knox.

Presbyterian refers to our form of church government. Each congregation is under the oversight of those elected as elders, who are also part of the higher courts known as presbyteries.

Reformed Presbyterians have also been referred to historically as Covenanters because of their identification with public covenanting in Scotland, beginning in the 16th Century. This act was a protest for Christ’s crown rights over the state and the recognition of Christ as King over the Church without interference from the government.

The Reformed Presbyterian Church is united to the church of Peter and Paul, the church of the Roman Empire, and the church of the Protestant Reformation. In 1743, the first Reformed Presbyterian congregation was organized in North America. The RPCNA belongs to the National Association of Evangelicals and to the North American Presbyterian and Reformed Council (NAPARC), through which we have close working relationships with a number of other branches of the church of Jesus Christ.

RPCNA congregations stretch across the USA and Canada. We also have several congregations in Japan. Sister Reformed Presbyterian denominations are found in Australia, Cyprus, Ireland, and Scotland.

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