Our Leaders


We are “Presbyterian” in form of church government. Each congregation is under the oversight of those elected as elders, who also serve as delegates to higher church courts known as Presbytery and Synod. Elders are responsible for spiritual oversight and governance of the congregation, including the ministry of God’s Word, prayer, and pastoral care.


Dennis Wing

Dennis Wing, ruling elder, is a business accountant and began his present period of service as an elder in 1990.



Bill Boyle

Bill Boyle, ruling elder, is a respiratory therapist and has most recently served as an elder since 2001.



Kevin Dennis

Kevin Dennis, ruling elder, is an IT consultant and was ordained and installed in 2013.





The Deacons are responsible for the ministry of mercy for needy members of the congregation and the community. The Deacons are also responsible for the administration and maintenance of the church and church grounds.
Dick Hemphill

Dick Hemphill, deacon, is a traffic analyst and has served as a deacon of the Shawnee RPC since 1973.



Barry Vanhorn

Barry VanHorn, deacon/chairman, is a business accountant and has served as a deacon since 2001.



Harry Ward

Harry Ward, deacon, is an engineering technician and has served as a deacon since 2005.



Stephen Parnell

Stephen Parnell, deacon/secretary, is a research scientist and was elected as a deacon in 2008.



Matt Boyle

Matt Boyle, deacon, is an international logistics analyst and was ordained and installed in 2010.